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With experience, confidentiality and high-level efficiency TSI seamlessly integrates the support necessary to meet the mission critical requirements of today's most discerning users of Human transcription and translation services.

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TSI Translates

TSI translates and transcribes ALL languages. Utilizing first-language specialists, we produce transcripts with high levels of linguistic translation; maintaining cultural references, emotion and imagery. 

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TSI Transcripts

With comprehensive knowledge of data collection methodologies and research design, TSI supports a wide range of industries and subject matter.

We are at the forefront of unique transcript layout and strongly support client designed formats.

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TSI Documents

TSI multilingual document translation service extends to corporations, authors, educators, researchers and the legal community.

what we do

how we do it

what we do
how we do it

An exceptional and experienced team of transcription specialists specializing in new and  emerging technology subject matter, unparalleled quality control, military-grade internet security and an infrastructure designed to support high volume projects; produce high quality verbatim transcripts and translated documents, delivered to complete every project requirement.

who we are

who we are

Woman leadership has built Transcription Services, Inc. to be recognized as industry's preeminent support organization. Establishing authentic client relationships with the leading providers of market research for over two decades, Team TSI completes projects for higher education research centers, federal government, corporations and private institutions, worldwide.

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